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Thoughts About the Life Cycle of the Universe

We left off in our last post looking at the circle-of-creation called ‘is’, ‘ra’, and ‘el’. These are representations of three ancient religious deities respectfully ‘Isis’, ‘Ra’, and ‘El’. According to Natural Science these figures are represented in physical reality as the star Sirius (Isis), Our Sun (Ra), and Saturn (El). When applying the principle, “as above so below,” the circle represents a particle like an atom with a surrounding magnetic shield.

What follows is my interpretation and not necessarily true. I put together an experiment to try to determine what happened at the beginning/ending of the universe. Of course in natural science there is no beginning or end just cycles of creation, life, and death. However there is a point when the universe is in a resting state and this was the focus.

Using the ideas of the circle-of-creation we can try to imagine how this universe began. We know that there is an atom and its boundary. When we remove the boundary and the magnetism you are left with a dead neutral atom. If there is more than one atom and we remove the magnetism there is nothing to hold the atoms apart and they will fuse together. So if we remove the magnetism from the universe all of the atoms would fuse into a single solid crystalline structure. This means that the universe began as a crystal and with the introduction of magnetism into every atom, the universe came alive and expanded into its present day structure and is continuing to grow.

How will it end? The universe will continue to grow until it reaches a threshold where it will maintain a static size for a brief period before collapsing back into the crystalline structure, lifeless and void of magnetism.

However, we would be mistaken in thinking the magnetic particles disappear because they are solid, indestructible particles. Instead they go from being very excited and energetic to being dormant as if asleep resting for a while. This cycle continues forever and is known as “rest and motion” of the universe. When the magnetic particles stop their motion, the universe freezes solid and the dead magnets are no longer capable of providing energy. When the magnets are excited, the universe warms up and expands again. The starting-point of this excitation is the center of the universe where the cosmic heart of creation lives. Where a central pulse of life is derived and forever beating.

What is the cause of this excitation, also known as “the word of god,” that created the universe? This is the first unanswerable question that faces humanity. Another on just as grand is, where did the Atoms come from? Or what gives the magnetic particle its force and why is it specifically that strength? These are questions that may never be undoubtedly answered and we will have to live with this as human beings.

Let’s continue with the Circle.



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