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How Our Sun Orbits Sirius

This may be common knowledge by now but it is essential to completely understand what is actually going on. There are many sources on the Internet talking about this so I’ll keep it short. Our sun is in a binary orbit with the Sirius system and is the reason for the precession of the zodiac and not the slow revolution of Earth’s poles. There is a lot of evidence for this and I’d like to present what I’ve learned here. Beginning with our circle again and the center point, we have a representation of our Sun and it’s boundary of influence. This not an exact representation but it’s very close. The sun is nearly a perfect sphere so it is safe to assume that its orbit is also very circular and not too eccentric.oursun01 Now we add a second circle of the same radius that is offset to the edge of this one creating the Vesica Pisces in between them. Currently the two stars are starting to close-in on each other as they come around the bend from the farthest distance. Currently the two are about 8.66 light-years apart and they have been heading toward each other for about 2000 years now.oursun03 It was observed before that time that Sirius appeared red. This makes sense because as stars move away from each other they appear red to someone looking at it. And when they move toward each other they would appear blue. Stars that do not move relative to each other will look white. The best evidence of Sirius being red comes from the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy who in 150 A.D. wrote that Sirius was red in color. He compared Sirius to five other stars which are currently red stars today, Betelgeuse, Pollux, Aldebaran, Antares, and Arcturus.oursun04 Some may believe that the precession of the equinoxes is caused by the slow and steady wobble of the Earth’s poles caused by gravitational forces from the Moon, Sun and partially Jupiter. The odds of this occurring naturally because of gravity are astronomical to say the least. The alternative is that we are in a binary orbit with Sirius which takes 24,000 years to complete. The reason for using the 24,000 year figure and not the 26,000 year one, which is currently calculated based on the movement of the stars, is because as the two stars approach each other, the closer they get the faster the will travel. Four-thousand years from now the rate of precession will increase.

The Greek astronomer Hipparchus created his star catalog in 129 BCE. While comparing his observations with those made by earlier Babylonian astronomers, he noticed that the stars had shifted or rather that the Earth itself had shifted. He calculated that the rate of precession was 1 degree per century which is very close to todays value of 1 degree for every 72 years. His estimate would make sense as Helios would have been traveling at its slowest velocity relative to Sirius at this point in history (Around the time it was changing from red to blue). Sirius does not precess with the other stars. Instead it moves in the exact opposite direction to balance perfectly with Earth’s precession cycle and looks as though it is standing still relative to the other stars.

As mentioned before, Sirius is responsible for Earth’s orbital eccentricity since it is known that Earth’s perihelion/aphelion is in alignment with Sirius. The same way the Moons perihelion is directly related to its position relative to the Sun and the Earth. When the Moon is full, being in direct opposition to the Sun is when it is closest to Earth. This has never changed since the beginning of time. So it is safe to relate Sirius and Earth’s orbital eccentricity. As the Sun orbits Sirius, the nodes of Earth’s perihelion/aphelion axis are always 90 degrees to Sirius and this would cause the zodiac to rotate in the opposite direction that the Sun moves through them during a normal yearly cycle. In astrology we say the Sun begins in Aries and moves through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, etc. Precession means to move backwards so as the Sun orbits Sirius, the stars move the opposite way. Currently we have just moved out of Pisces and into Aquarius or 30 degrees of the circle closer to Sirius.


This 24,000 year cycle is also called the “Great Year”, “Great Cycle”, or “Cycle of the Yugas”. There are other names but these are some common ones. There is a special event associated with this cycle which was recorded in history and then lost to antiquity but it resonates within us and is something we cannot forget as human beings. That is for another post.


Natural Science and The Four Quarters

What the ancient people noticed about the Earth was that it had many cycles that repeated on regular intervals. One of the most obvious cycles is that of the seasons. Even as a child you realize that there is a summer and a winter and that these are exact opposites. One is hot and the other is cold. This is why we divided our circle into two equal parts showing a day-side and a night-side. We know that while the Sun is above the horizon on the day side it is hotter then while the Sun is below the horizon. The same is true when we apply it to the year cycle. While the Sun is on the “day-side” of the year cycle it is a hot influence here on Earth and while the Sun is on the “night-side” of the year-cycle the Earth is colder. Another cycle that is influenced by this same pattern is the Great Year cycle.FourSeasons

The seasons are divided into four (spring, summer, fall, winter) just as the day is divided into four times (morning, mid-day, evening, mid-night). The great year cycle is also broken down into four divisions but they are not so strait forward. There are reasons why the year is broken down into four quarters. The Earth actually crosses a threshold in space where the influence of the Sun changes almost immediately. These are known as the cardinal points in astrology. There are a few interesting things going on during these moments in Earth’s orbit. When Earth crosses the spring threshold it is at the lowest point in its orbit relative to the Sun’s equator and during the fall months, it is at its highest ready to fall.

We always start in the East on the horizon and move counter-clockwise around the circle. When Earth begins a new spring a pulse of energy that constitutes Air begins a strong influence on March 21 of each year. This pulse commands the plants to start growing and the snow to start melting as the average temperature rises. When the Earth approaches summer the Air influence dies off and Earth gets hit with another pulse of energy that constitutes Fire and the temperature rises. This continues throughout the year with Earth energies and Water energies. What they are really talking about is the different directions of magnetic energy the Earth is receiving at that time of the year. This Energy is being influenced by Sirius but comes from the Sun. Sirius is causing the bow shock warping our solar system because Sirius is literally pushing against our solar system forcing it into an egg shape.

The tilt of the Earth is not the only influence over Earth’s seasons like science may have taught you. There are at least three different sources working together to cause perfect regular seasons. Two of them we know, tilt, and distance. The other lesser known is how Sirius influences our seasons depending on the relative angle between Sirius, the Sun and Earth. When Earth is positioned between the Sun and Sirius it is mid-winter and marks a new year for us on Earth since we celebrate New Years around this time. This event takes place around January 3rd. This is also the point at which Earth is at Perihelion (closest point to the Sun along its orbit). Six months later Earth travels half-way around its orbit and aligns up in opposition with Sirius sometime around July-4th. This is also when Earth is in Aphelion being farthest away from the Sun at this time. This is also when Earth is hottest in the Northern hemisphere. (All of this is based on the Northern Hemisphere point of view).


The image above shows Sirius-C where Sirius-B is located but when science finds the missing star they will have to rearrange the system to look like this and Sirius-B should actually become Sirius-C. I believe the following image below shows a third star hidden by the massive stars light of Sirius-A. Sirius-A is the large Black star and there is another star in front of it hidden as Sirius-B and then Sirius-C (Actually accepted as Sirius-B) is the smaller white dwarf off to the side.Sirius-A B and C

If you are still a little skeptical about the planets having any influence over your life, then consider the event that happened in 1988 with Sirius and our Earth. In 1988 Sirius-B (currently accepted Sirius-B) passed  between Sirius-A and our Sun (Helios). This transit event caused Earth’s rotation to slow down by nearly three seconds off the average daily sunlight time before regaining its normal speed several days later. I also remember as a kid, during the summer in July (opposition to Sirius) of 1988 there was a day when nearly twelve inches of snow fell, so much that you couldn’t drive your pickup truck anywhere. They were winters with lots of snow, way more then you get these days but this makes perfect sense to natural science and the cycles of Sirius and its companions.

Natural Science of The Sun

In ancient times when human beings lived in a golden age, their science was based on the observations and relationships found in the nature around them. They made amazingly accurate calculations of the movements of all visible objects in the heavens that they called “the wandering stars”.

The one that was most important above all others was the Sun. It was studied with great attention to detail. All relationships and subtitles were meticulously recorded and studied. They created many volumes of information and art that spanned hundreds or even thousands of years; all destroyed, stolen or hidden now.

So what did they know about the Sun and its planets? The ancient people’s understanding of how the solar system worked goes well beyond planets orbiting a star. They knew things about the stars that are very profound and we are just starting to make discoveries that the ancient people of Earth already knew.

The first observation we have to make is that, from our point of view standing anywhere on Earth, the Sun and planets are moving through the sky from east to west. They are first seen appearing on the eastern horizon and are observed to move across the sky and set in the west traveling below the horizon in a circular motion. If we observe them for a long enough period we would notice that they are spinning around a particular point in the sky. This point we would then use as a reference for our north/south direction (depending on which hemisphere you are on). This is a simple way to determine how the sphere is moving as it spins on its axis.

The ancients may have had a different way of doing this using the Sun as a reference. One powerful tool they had in their possession was the humble circle. The keys to the universe can be found in the circle which can unlock many doors of understanding. So why don’t we start by drawing a circle and begin looking for these secrets.

The Circle

When we look out toward the horizon we understand that it appears more or less flat. I understandable that there are mountains and hills but generally the land is flat and even more so on the ocean. We would also notice that the observable area that we can watch is only half a sphere above the ground. The other half is unobservable below the horizon. This being the case we could draw a horizontal line through the circle to represent the horizon from east to west.

Day and Night

An obvious phenomenon that happens is that when the Sun is above the horizon, it is bright and the Earth is lit up for us to be able to see without walking into things. The Sun rises in the east and travels across the sky for a definite period of time before reaching the western horizon and setting.


Ancient Egyptians referred to the Sun as Horus during the time between 6:00 AM and 12:00 noon. This was the time when Horus is reborn out of the waters of creation (the ocean) on the horizon (Horus has risen or Horus’s zone) and grows in strength as he climbs the mountain toward the apex. Once Horus reaches the apex at 12:00 noon, he is transformed into Ra because the Sun literally changes in nature and becomes more powerful. You can feel the heat increase as Ra moves across the sky and becomes his strongest between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. When Ra meets the western horizon at 6:00 PM he becomes Set the setting Sun. This is the point when Set journeys toward the underworld and the very bottom depths. This is when it is 12:00 midnight and the Sun is at the bottom of the underworld. Set changes into Osiris god of the underworld and rules between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 PM, before being resurrected as Horus. The Egyptians say that Horus and Set continue to do battle to this day. It’s all about the science of the Sun.

Natural Science Fundamentals

There are endless topics to cover but we have to start somewhere so why not begin with the simplest of concepts. The “is”, “ra” and “el” of nature. These three components belong to everything that exists in nature. They represent the moment of creation and the definition of physical reality; also known as nature. Not to mention these letter combinations are found in all kinds of English words.

Each piece of this puzzle should be thought of as a three-dimensional object where you have what appears to be a simple flat symbol but actually has many layers of meaning. A single symbol can simultaneously represent a sound, an object, a place, a time, a number, a function, a concept, a person, etc.

We will be learning these symbols as we go and you may be surprised to learn that you have been using these symbols for a long time and may not have even realized it. There are many words in the English language that carry hidden meanings and when understood properly reveal an ancient knowledge. Almost all of what is known of natural science stems back to Ancient Egypt as its roots. A lot of English words are derived from Ancient Egyptian concepts and you can find certain symbols hidden throughout the English vocabulary.


The concept of “is” means being. That point in creation when you start to be. The finest division of existence where it all begins. That is the underlying principle of “is”. “Is” comes from the Ancient Egyptian Isis, also known to be the mother of the “Four sons of Horus” also as the mother of Horus, one of the oldest deities in Ancient Egyptian religion. But the meaning of Isis extends even farther and actually represents nature itself. Isis is mother nature. Horus is a representation of the Sun in the sky and was born from mother nature. I will save this topic for another post as there is a lot to cover on that. Let’s focus on the concept of “is”.

This may represent an atom or the magnetic particle or even a planet but it shows that there is a point of fixed existence or matter in space just being. This form is lifeless and void of any kind if energy. It’s the next concept that brings this into play.


From this point of creation a radiance is produced in the form of vibrational energy magnetic in nature. This is known as the concept of “ra”. It is found in words like ray, radius, chakra, and translates into the word “light”. The word chakra literally means gate-light or light-gate. Directly related to “ra” is the symbol of “mag” which refers to the magnitude and found in words like magnetic, magic, magi. It represents accumulation, strength and the feminine nature.


To complete the creation principle there is one more element needed and that is the concept of boundary known as “el”. This is a powerful symbol associated with ideas of great understanding and encompassing truth. In a physical sense it represents the extent of influence the “ra” has over its surroundings. It is the shield surrounding every particle in existence. A sphere of action and reaction. It is found in words like elder, electric and element. The “el” represents a masculine energy and is also related to “mag” the feminine energy.

Now we have defined a point of being with a boundary of energy surrounding it. This basic geometry is not just a circle with a vector and a point but represents something constant in nature. A circle will never change. It will always have special properties like Pi (3.141592…) associated with it. The ancient pyramid builders knew of this number and knew why it was so important. This circle will be the main focus of our study for the next few articles I will write and we will be adding many more symbols and structures to complete it.