How Magnetism is the Fundamental Force of the Universe

A long time ago, people discovered electricity without even knowing what it really was. They knew that certain fish would give them a shock when they touched it but they couldn’t explain what was actually happening. Even today we have a hard time expressing exactly how electricity works and what it is. This blog was created to provide an alternative to mainstream physics so that people with a different perspective on reality may find what they are looking for here. Everything written will be based on Natural Sciences of the world where undeniable truth is at the core of each statement. Wherever I feel that a statement is border-lining on reality or if there is no supporting information, I will make sure you know that. Everything I write, you should research for yourself to prove if it is right or wrong, exists or doesn’t exist. Always remember that you are in control of everything pertaining to your life.   – More to Come!


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