Natural Science Fundamentals

There are endless topics to cover but we have to start somewhere so why not begin with the simplest of concepts. The “is”, “ra” and “el” of nature. These three components belong to everything that exists in nature. They represent the moment of creation and the definition of physical reality; also known as nature. Not to mention these letter combinations are found in all kinds of English words.

Each piece of this puzzle should be thought of as a three-dimensional object where you have what appears to be a simple flat symbol but actually has many layers of meaning. A single symbol can simultaneously represent a sound, an object, a place, a time, a number, a function, a concept, a person, etc.

We will be learning these symbols as we go and you may be surprised to learn that you have been using these symbols for a long time and may not have even realized it. There are many words in the English language that carry hidden meanings and when understood properly reveal an ancient knowledge. Almost all of what is known of natural science stems back to Ancient Egypt as its roots. A lot of English words are derived from Ancient Egyptian concepts and you can find certain symbols hidden throughout the English vocabulary.


The concept of “is” means being. That point in creation when you start to be. The finest division of existence where it all begins. That is the underlying principle of “is”. “Is” comes from the Ancient Egyptian Isis, also known to be the mother of the “Four sons of Horus” also as the mother of Horus, one of the oldest deities in Ancient Egyptian religion. But the meaning of Isis extends even farther and actually represents nature itself. Isis is mother nature. Horus is a representation of the Sun in the sky and was born from mother nature. I will save this topic for another post as there is a lot to cover on that. Let’s focus on the concept of “is”.

This may represent an atom or the magnetic particle or even a planet but it shows that there is a point of fixed existence or matter in space just being. This form is lifeless and void of any kind if energy. It’s the next concept that brings this into play.


From this point of creation a radiance is produced in the form of vibrational energy magnetic in nature. This is known as the concept of “ra”. It is found in words like ray, radius, chakra, and translates into the word “light”. The word chakra literally means gate-light or light-gate. Directly related to “ra” is the symbol of “mag” which refers to the magnitude and found in words like magnetic, magic, magi. It represents accumulation, strength and the feminine nature.


To complete the creation principle there is one more element needed and that is the concept of boundary known as “el”. This is a powerful symbol associated with ideas of great understanding and encompassing truth. In a physical sense it represents the extent of influence the “ra” has over its surroundings. It is the shield surrounding every particle in existence. A sphere of action and reaction. It is found in words like elder, electric and element. The “el” represents a masculine energy and is also related to “mag” the feminine energy.

Now we have defined a point of being with a boundary of energy surrounding it. This basic geometry is not just a circle with a vector and a point but represents something constant in nature. A circle will never change. It will always have special properties like Pi (3.141592…) associated with it. The ancient pyramid builders knew of this number and knew why it was so important. This circle will be the main focus of our study for the next few articles I will write and we will be adding many more symbols and structures to complete it.


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