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Thoughts About the Life Cycle of the Universe

We left off in our last post looking at the circle-of-creation called ‘is’, ‘ra’, and ‘el’. These are representations of three ancient religious deities respectfully ‘Isis’, ‘Ra’, and ‘El’. According to Natural Science these figures are represented in physical reality as the star Sirius (Isis), Our Sun (Ra), and Saturn (El). When applying the principle, “as above so below,” the circle represents a particle like an atom with a surrounding magnetic shield.

What follows is my interpretation and not necessarily true. I put together an experiment to try to determine what happened at the beginning/ending of the universe. Of course in natural science there is no beginning or end just cycles of creation, life, and death. However there is a point when the universe is in a resting state and this was the focus.

Using the ideas of the circle-of-creation we can try to imagine how this universe began. We know that there is an atom and its boundary. When we remove the boundary and the magnetism you are left with a dead neutral atom. If there is more than one atom and we remove the magnetism there is nothing to hold the atoms apart and they will fuse together. So if we remove the magnetism from the universe all of the atoms would fuse into a single solid crystalline structure. This means that the universe began as a crystal and with the introduction of magnetism into every atom, the universe came alive and expanded into its present day structure and is continuing to grow.

How will it end? The universe will continue to grow until it reaches a threshold where it will maintain a static size for a brief period before collapsing back into the crystalline structure, lifeless and void of magnetism.

However, we would be mistaken in thinking the magnetic particles disappear because they are solid, indestructible particles. Instead they go from being very excited and energetic to being dormant as if asleep resting for a while. This cycle continues forever and is known as “rest and motion” of the universe. When the magnetic particles stop their motion, the universe freezes solid and the dead magnets are no longer capable of providing energy. When the magnets are excited, the universe warms up and expands again. The starting-point of this excitation is the center of the universe where the cosmic heart of creation lives. Where a central pulse of life is derived and forever beating.

What is the cause of this excitation, also known as “the word of god,” that created the universe? This is the first unanswerable question that faces humanity. Another on just as grand is, where did the Atoms come from? Or what gives the magnetic particle its force and why is it specifically that strength? These are questions that may never be undoubtedly answered and we will have to live with this as human beings.

Let’s continue with the Circle.


Natural Science Fundamentals

There are endless topics to cover but we have to start somewhere so why not begin with the simplest of concepts. The “is”, “ra” and “el” of nature. These three components belong to everything that exists in nature. They represent the moment of creation and the definition of physical reality; also known as nature. Not to mention these letter combinations are found in all kinds of English words.

Each piece of this puzzle should be thought of as a three-dimensional object where you have what appears to be a simple flat symbol but actually has many layers of meaning. A single symbol can simultaneously represent a sound, an object, a place, a time, a number, a function, a concept, a person, etc.

We will be learning these symbols as we go and you may be surprised to learn that you have been using these symbols for a long time and may not have even realized it. There are many words in the English language that carry hidden meanings and when understood properly reveal an ancient knowledge. Almost all of what is known of natural science stems back to Ancient Egypt as its roots. A lot of English words are derived from Ancient Egyptian concepts and you can find certain symbols hidden throughout the English vocabulary.


The concept of “is” means being. That point in creation when you start to be. The finest division of existence where it all begins. That is the underlying principle of “is”. “Is” comes from the Ancient Egyptian Isis, also known to be the mother of the “Four sons of Horus” also as the mother of Horus, one of the oldest deities in Ancient Egyptian religion. But the meaning of Isis extends even farther and actually represents nature itself. Isis is mother nature. Horus is a representation of the Sun in the sky and was born from mother nature. I will save this topic for another post as there is a lot to cover on that. Let’s focus on the concept of “is”.

This may represent an atom or the magnetic particle or even a planet but it shows that there is a point of fixed existence or matter in space just being. This form is lifeless and void of any kind if energy. It’s the next concept that brings this into play.


From this point of creation a radiance is produced in the form of vibrational energy magnetic in nature. This is known as the concept of “ra”. It is found in words like ray, radius, chakra, and translates into the word “light”. The word chakra literally means gate-light or light-gate. Directly related to “ra” is the symbol of “mag” which refers to the magnitude and found in words like magnetic, magic, magi. It represents accumulation, strength and the feminine nature.


To complete the creation principle there is one more element needed and that is the concept of boundary known as “el”. This is a powerful symbol associated with ideas of great understanding and encompassing truth. In a physical sense it represents the extent of influence the “ra” has over its surroundings. It is the shield surrounding every particle in existence. A sphere of action and reaction. It is found in words like elder, electric and element. The “el” represents a masculine energy and is also related to “mag” the feminine energy.

Now we have defined a point of being with a boundary of energy surrounding it. This basic geometry is not just a circle with a vector and a point but represents something constant in nature. A circle will never change. It will always have special properties like Pi (3.141592…) associated with it. The ancient pyramid builders knew of this number and knew why it was so important. This circle will be the main focus of our study for the next few articles I will write and we will be adding many more symbols and structures to complete it.

What Magnets Are

– Disclaimer –

All of the information here is based on years of study and research compiling various sources. I will try and reference as much as possible but more than likely it will be too far gone to remember where I found the info. Also a lot of terminology needs to be invented to replace existing words but for now I will have to use common understanding terms, i.e.: pressure and heat will be misunderstood as something other than a purely magnetic reaction. There is a lot to take in and a lot of old information to unlearn. Keep an open mind and the more you read the more it will all make sense.

– Welcome –

Magnets are a very important part of our universe. You could say they are the reason we have a universe in the first place. If you removed them everything would become lifeless and void.

Magnets are more than just a piece of metal with two poles. If you consider the fact that you can magnetize or demagnetize a piece of iron and choose where the poles will go, shows you that the magnetism and the iron are two different things. The other thing to consider is that every element in nature is affected by magnetism in one way or another. With simple logic you can deduce that if magnets can affect everything, then everything must be related to magnetism in some way.

So what are magnets then? Contrary to modern theories, magnets are actually two individual solid particles of opposite polarity. One is masculine and the other is feminine in nature (north and south, positive and negative, etc.). This basically means they are different in one way but similar in most others. How are they similar? They are equal in size, they cannot be destroyed or broken into smaller pieces, they are the smallest physical things in existence. The way they differ is in the way they interact with one another. The north magnets are attracted to the south magnets and the south magnets are attracted to the north magnets, exactly like a bar magnet behaves. When two magnets of the same polarity come close together they push each other away (very elementary stuff but necessary to lay down the foundations). Another vital behavior they have is how they react when you apply pressure. It appears that the more you apply pressure to a magnetic particle, the more they react by generating a counter force that is equal in pressure.

One gentleman by the name of Pier Luigi Ighina claimed to have observed and experimented directly with atoms using the lenticular microscope which he invented and built. He conducted countless experiments with atoms and even photographed one. Pier also created his own periodic table of the elements which had a different order based on the natural vibrational frequency of the atom. There is tons of info about this man and I recommend further study if you are interested in the magnetic nature of things.


While Pier was conducting one of his studies on atoms, a magnet fell off the table and passed by his experiment. He watched as tiny flashes of light and lightning occurred around the atoms as the magnet fell past. This sparked his curiosity and he decided to investigate farther. He added more magnification to his lenticular microscope and looked even closer at the atoms. What he observed were particles that behave like magnets but were individual entities. He also explained their properties and behaviors which makes perfect working sense. There will be more about this great man later in this blog I’m sure and Pier is not the only one who shares this description of magnets.

Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian inventor whom moved to the United States and built the Coral Castle in Homestead Florida. If you are unfamiliar with this person or place you should research them for sure. He also believed that the only particles in nature that give energy to the universe are magnetic particles that are the base of the cosmic force. He constructed the entire Coral Castle, a monument carved out of 1100-tons of coral limestone, by himself and mostly at night without the aid of heavy machinery. One of his largest stones is estimated to weigh 30-tons and he is also credited with having erected a 28-foot high 30-ton obelisk overnight. He didn’t even believe in electricity the way modern theories explain it. Leedskalnin provided a few books and experiments attempting to prove his ideas and even tried to invent the Perpetual Motion Holder (PMH) but was denied the patent on the grounds of it being too similar to another patent. The PMH is an amazing, amazing, amazing invention and everyone should play with one at least once in their lifetime. This device is all he used in constructing the Coral Castle, as he would explain it and would be the solution for all the energy problems in the world. This may not be too farfetched.

These are just two of many great inventors and experimenters that the world will never recognize as greatness because they have been obscured into the shadows of the history by others. I hope to bring to light their works and share the information with the world again. There are many sources of information out there about this topic but it is very hard to find and it’s even far more rare to find a person who truly understands these principals who can write about it.

Just a quick recap:

  • There are two individual magnetic particles in nature, one North and the other South.
  • They are equal in strength and magnitude.
  • Opposite magnets attract while like magnets repel each other.
  • When you put pressure on a magnet it will generate an equal amount of energy to counter the force.
  • Magnets are indestructible and indivisible matter.
  • Magnets are the smallest pieces matter observed by man. 200,000,000 times smaller then atoms.

Look forward to more on this in later posts.


What to expect from this blog? Information about the universe and how magnetism is really in charge of everything. If you are interested in physics, electricity and magnetism or natural sciences; you’ve come to the right place. This blog is not about modern theories of physics, dark matter or quantum theories but is focused on the natural sciences. The natural sciences have been lost and obscured but through understanding are we able to recreate this amazing knowledge.